Marble Pieta Spero

Using white marble cut from the mountains of Colorado, I saw, hammer, chip and carve unforgiving stone in a humble attempt to create a new Pieta ‘Spero’  that reflects our time.   Comparing each step in the process to that of the great Master of the Renaissance. This is an ongoing project and so feel free to check in to see how I’m doing.  You never know, maybe this will all end in a heap of marbles on the floor.  Follow the chapter and links below or following this and other projects by viewing my blog.

Choosing your Marble:

Sculptors are all aware of the strengths and weakness of stone.  Marble can withstand tremendous pressures when compressed, but can flake and split with the finest touch from a hardened tool. Click for more of this chapter.

Finding the Flaws:

When studying your stone, and planning how to best fit your maquette into the marble, you need to remember that you are drawing in Three Dimensions. You will need to uncover hidden flaws.  Click to read more.

Blocking the Marble

Now that I have settled on a safe layout for my Pieta, I can continue to cut the extra stone away. Ideally, this will conserve large pieces for later.  Click to read more.

Michelangelo's Method

So how did Michelangelo do it? Swinging his hammer against chisel transforming a large singular block into the living Pieta.  Did he just go at it? Releasing his inner id? Or was there more method and planning?  Click for more.

Rounding your Statue

Now that my stone has been blocked, it is ready for rounding.  Chisels and rasps are still used today, but their speed has increased with mechanization..                       Click to read more