Eve of a Dream, the creation of eve

Randall Eve of Discovery randy bezeau thumbImagine living alone on an island with only the coconuts and iguanas to keep you company. It wouldn’t take very long before you conjured up an imaginary friend… should we call him Wilson? People need company, and more importantly, we can only be human in the company of others. Like a tree falling in the forest, we need ears to hear, or there is no sound. Love is funny that way… if you don’t work it, you don’t have it. We need each other.

The Creation of Eve Michelangelo Carlo Francesco NovoloneWe all need someone to walk side by side or life becomes pretty bleak. In Genesis, Adam first pines for and then dreams of a partner to share life with. Eve is pulled from his side (traditionally translated as rib) The two of them now can face life together.

Carlo Francesco and Michlangelo’s Creation of Eve is the standard interpretation of this story. However I prefer Carpioni’s synthesis of Adam and Eve in their being created with less of a focus on timing. Bouguereau First Mourning really drives home the importance of partnership in living through the hardships of life. Eve and Adam are devastated by the death of Abel and cling to each other for support.

Adam and Eve Evegiulio Carpioni William Adolph Bouguereau

Randall Eve of a Dream the creation of eve randy bezeau topAnd so it is with Eve of a Dream. Drawing inspiration from these masters, I’ve folding all their messages into one statue. Eve is the answer to Adam’s dreams and she will face along with her partner all of life future highs and lows. Side by side.

Randall The Rib Randy BezeauWith Eve of Dream, the mixing of Adam and Eve’s bodies had to appear as smooth and natural as sleep comes to a babe.  The early morning ease that we all have felt when waking.  You can follow the whole process from concept, maquette, from plaster mould to fired clay.  just click on the pic

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