Eyeball your stone

Far from the hustle of Denver, and tucked away from the crowds of Aspen there lies the romantic town of Marble Colorado…

A small gathering of homes and half a dozen shops settled into the valley surround by Purple and Snowmass Mountain.

This is the home of North America’s finest white marble.

Sculptors are all aware of the strengths and weakness of stone. Marble can withstand tremendous pressures when compressed, but can flake and split with the finest touch from a hardened tool. Or can snap and crack along fault lines or stress fissures. Bruised stone can leave pockets of tender talc inches deep. If the natural stone presents any of these flaws, the artist's countless hours of applied talent can be wasted.

This is why the selection of marble is critical… long before you can plan your piece or apply your first hammer blow, you need eyeballs on your stone.

Michelangelo loved marble, the crystalline cream, the fleshy supple hue, the battered bakers dust that floats through the air descending on to the studio floor.

He obsessed with choosing the right stone, flawless and cut to size out of the Cararra Mountains.

This is a lesson for us all. Marble is best cut, never blasted, and always hand selected. If you can, personally select your own piece - regardless of the size.

And this is why Marble Colorado is the place for Sculptors… If you love marble this is one of the few places in North America that you can walk on top, and crawl around monumental marble blocks… This is where stone is sawed using diamond cable blades. Marble is what they know, and I was very fortune to select my stone with the help from Janice of Colorado Stone Quarries...

This is were our journey begins.



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